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Dr. Philip Wrotslavsky

Dr. Philip Wrotslavsky graduated from The New York College of Podiatric Medicine &completed his residency at North General Hospital in New York where he received training in foot surgery and reconstructive rearfoot/ankle surgery. He specializes in the diagnosis/treatment of infant, children and adult patients with medical conditions of the foot, ankle and lower leg structures.
During his residency, Dr. Wrotslavsky worked with a multidisciplinary team of general, podiatric, orthopedic and vascular physicians and surgeons. He provided a wide variety of foot and ankle care including wound care, ankle arthroscopy, diabetic limb salvage and reconstruction, flatfoot reconstruction, neurological cavo-varus foot reconstruction as well as management of trauma to the foot and ankle.
Dr. Wrotslavsky went on to complete a one-year orthopedic fellowship at The Limb Reconstruction Fellowship Program at the International Center for Limb Lengthening in Baltimore, Maryland. His fellowship experience included the in-depth study, prevention, and treatment of limb-threatening foot conditions, infections, diabetic charcot neuroarthropathy, nonunions and malunions.

Board Certified Podiatrist
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This traning also included congenital and post-traumatic limb deformities. For the treatment and correction of foot and ankle deformities, Dr. Wrotslavsky has adopted techniques derived from the science of distraction osteogenesis.
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Information that each patient needs to know

Definition of a Podiatrist
A podiatrist is a doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM), also referred to as a podiatric physician/surgeon or simply, foot doctor. Podiatrists diagnose and treat conditions of the foot, ankle, and related structures of the lower leg.

Podiatrist Qualifications
Podiatrists are the most qualified doctors to care for your foot and ankle issues. They complete four years of training in a podiatric medical school followed by three years of hospital residency training which is similar to that of other doctors. A Podiatrist can specialize in many different fields, which include surgery, sports medicine, wound care, pediatrics, and diabetic care.

Is your Podiatrists Board Certified?
In order to earn board certification, a Podiatrist can perform advanced training with additional clinical experience, and ultimately take a qualifying exam. The American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery and the American Board of Podiatric Medicine are the certifying boards for this particular medical field.

Patients should look for the intiials “DPM”
Be sure that you find the most qualified health-care professional to treat your feet by looking for the letters “DPM” after his or her name. The DPM means a physician has completed years of rigorous foot and ankle training in podiatric medical school and hospital-based residency training, making him or her uniquely qualified to care for this part of the body. Feet are complex anatomical structures that are instrumental to overall health and well-being and require expert care.



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Patient Testimonials 
With Dr. Wrotslavsky as my surgeon, I had a fast healing process with no pain. The experience was much better than I expected. I had painful hammertoes that he straightened out. Now I can get in to any shoe in my closet, pain free.
JO, Del Mar CA
I have been a diabetic for 3 years and developed an ulcer on my toe. Three other surgeons recommended to amputate my leg. Dr. Wrotslavsky took out the infected bone , and i was able to keep all my toes . Dr. Wrotslavsky is an outstanding and caring physician.
RB, Rancho Bernardo
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